Our Services

Winer communication will deliver communication equipments. The company will enable customers to perform many tasks themselves, or automating these tasks based on the customer’s stated needs. This will make our pricing more competitive, the customer’s perception of service high, and the operation as a whole more reliable and profitable. With current hardware and facilities, the company can do the handle up to 200 clients

Service Description:
Winer Communication will be full-service ISP, offering broadband dedicated Internet access, Web and virtual domain hosting, server collocation, and network-related professional solutions (design, installation, management, etc.). The company allows people and companies to access and publish documents on the World Wide Web without the need to hire full-time system administrators, costly high-speed network connections, dedicated servers, and other similar expenses or expertise.

The company provides many of the services that customers need to get online. The company provides both connectivity and consulting on topics ranging from office automation to Web server planning. The company has ongoing research and development to provide solutions to current customer issues (e-commerce, ease-of-use features, etc.) and to develop new products and services which enable the company to enter and compete in new markets and attract new customers.

Internet Connectivity
If you want to interconnect your offices with high-speed and reliable data link, then we can help you build one. We also help you design and build your office network for intra-office network applications and unified Internet access. In addition to broadband internet services, we help our clients build, connect, operate and maintain their own SOHO or office network.

WiFi Hotspots
Nowadays, any establishment where people are expected to come and spend a reasonable amount time, requires a WiFi hotspot. With a hotspot, you not only enable your customers to stay connected to Internet enabled information and services, but also you earn a reason for your customers to prefer your business over your competitors. We can help you build one according to your requirements.

Video Surveillance
With or without other security arrangements, today, a video surveillance system is seen as a requirement in every business establishment. We help you build such network consisting of state-of-art surveillance cameras, recording servers, one or more monitoring consoles, all under a underlying backbone.

Network Solution
With our Office Network Solutions/Services we can help you design, build and maintain your IT network architecture. Whether you need to set up wireless access for enhanced staff flexibility.A more efficient network means a more efficient business. No matter the industry or the size of your business, we’ll develop a plan that meets your every need